Today Is Not My Day, Tomorrow It will Be

  "Trust the timing of everything. Just because it's not happening right now doesn't mean it never will."                                                           ~ Anonymous Bleakness! Despair! Despondency! Mystery! Gloom! Turmoil!  It is hovering over every niche of my studio where I sweat. I am perching on a tilted seat, alongside a half-tinted pane. Pitch black darkness has presently descended everywhere. Signalling that, it is nearing midnight, and it is slumber time. I am distrusting my feelings which are inaccurate due to this state of mind. An insignificant shift in noise is freaking me out from top to bottom. I am bewildered, and my body is in a state of being paralyzed. Can I jump spontaneously after this hindrance in my trail? I am unable to constrain my apprehension at this terrifying hour. And I have a strong intuition that disaster has cornered me. What occurred, how it happened and why was I targeted this time? Various scenes are flashing unwaveringly

World In A Twirl, Plunged Into Darkness

"The world is so unpredictable. Things happen suddenly, unexpectedly. We want to feel we are in control of our existence. In some ways, we are, in some ways, we're not. We are ruled by the forces of chance and coincidence." ---- Paul Auster  A demon named "Covid-19" charged towards our life like a raged bull. We were profoundly occupied with our everyday living. It grabbed us uninformed without warning. We were trapped in a dead-end circumstance, and are still under its vicious clutches. We had locked our 2020 itinerary in our organizer. January had commenced smoothly with the new year celebration. The first case of COVID-19 was reported on 30th January 2020 in Kerala, India. We were confident that the virus would only be restricted to that region. The month of February had ended without a glitch. At the beginning of March, it brought the flavour of the year 'Covid-19'. The whole world began to get clutched under Coronavirus's fright. It's Septem

Creativity Oozes Out from An Indolent Mind

  On a dreary Sunday afternoon, I was surfing the internet for top trending topics. Every day is a weekend for me, during this ongoing pandemic time. I was loitering around, with the laptop open to search for abstract ideas to be put in my next column. Due to my approaching deadline, I needed to wrap it up as quickly as possible. It prompted me to the famous English Proverb  "An Idle mind is the devil's workshop."  I differed from these words at that moment. It made me wonder if there is apparently any title classified as an abandoned mind. The mind is incessantly at work. It generates one thought after the other has receded. The mind tries to merge them, leaps to a new one, and strives to weave a distinct theory. The idea may dangle from the secluded corner of the mind, or it would collide into each other due to lack of vacant area during the process. It would head towards an unforeseen explosion without warning. Boom! There is a vast discrepancy amidst a wavering mind

Our Incorrigible Virtual Life

    I am cooling my heels for the bluetick in Whatsapp, the ringing of the cell, ding dong sound of the doorbell, or for someone's ping. Throughout the day, I am pining for someone and thinking that others are having the time of their life. I am yet to take a call from my near and dear ones. It's my special day, folks. Day turned into night, and in mind, my life twirled upside down. All my excitement has gone, but my plastic smile is still on. Incoming calls are twenty, fifty SMS, sixty Whatsapp wishes. Forty posts in FB walls along with thirty in messenger are staring at me. It slipped from my mind to tell you about the group and individual video calls.  I drag myself into the balcony with a heavy heart to get a glimpse of the super moon. The day is winding up with magnificent gifts, mouth-watering dishes, and a couple of stunning pics. But I am stuck at the notion about the day being ruined. I posted an attractive pic of mine in the social group to get attention. I tried

Yeh Yearning Hai Boundless

                                                              Hi! Compassionate & Resilient Angel, You may have heard the story about the royal barber and pots of gold numerous times. "There lived a royal barber who was exuberant and loved by everyone. One night while returning home through a forest, the barber heard a voice. The voice apprised him to accept some gifts. It was bestowed upon him for his genuine kindness. Instead of paying any heed to it, the barber fled from the place. He was surprised to find six full pots of gold at his home. And the seventh pot was half-full. Then, the husband and wife decided to fill the last one to the brim with gold.   The barber began to drop his entire earning into the pot. He even converted all their jewelry into coins to put them there. Still, it remained half-full. The couple started to starve, and the barber looked dejected, unhappy all the time. The King readily had agreed to raise the barber's salary as per his reque