My mind weaves a vivid imagination every day and pushes me towards new dreams.


One should be in touch with trending news and think between the lines day in and day out. Creativity includes a lot of artwork and artists. it flows from a calm and undisturbed mind.


I try to live up to my intrigued ideas on each step of my viability. Life is not only about mundane activities but strokes various shades of colors. Nature captivates me to a great extent.

Let's commence our creative voyage..

Sucharita Parija




The protagonists of the story " The Soldier-a voiceless scream" are two orphans. The plot revolves around Ansh and Anjali, who are childhood friends. They get married in due time. Anjali is left behind in the village after Ansh goes for his Army posting.


The author Nigama RV has just produced a fabulous read. It is a brave attempt to portray the endless sufferings of a soldier and his family. Ansh is martyred when Anjali is in her advanced stage of pregnancy.

The village head challenges the villagers age-old traditions. The head happens to be Anjali's adopted father and supports Anjali and her newborn girl. A young widow, a new mother, faces a lot of opposition in her society. Anjali does not behave like a helpless woman.


Corruption is spread like fire, even in the sacrifices of our soldiers. Emotional scenes will keep the readers fastened to the book till the end. Everyone should read the book for our country, for our soldiers and their family.

'Every woman is a soldier who guards her territory 24*365 days exactly like soldiers at the border.'


By Suchi


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