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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The Protagonist gets down at a station in the middle of a winter night. The line is from the book " SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT" by the debut author Suny Misra. The Hero, Ambarish thinks that he has descended at a wrong station. He cannot find another soul except the station master, and he confirms his doubt. Ambarish oscillates between past and present. At times, the narration is delightful and intriguing to some extent.

The author has thrown his musical taste in the book. The main character could not maintain stability in his life after a deadly accident involving his family. Ambarish Chatterjee's subconscious mind has overpowered his existing thought process by a psychiatric problem. The plot revolves around everyday family events, music mainly Rabindra sangeet, bad and good phase in life, ambitions and modern-day psychological issues to deal without social taboos. The book is not spooky, but the title delivered goosebumps to me. Grab it today.

By Suchi


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