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Book Review: A Step Back to Run Faster & Farther

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Nostalgia overwhelmed me after concluding the book "A Step Back to Run Faster & Farther." It transported me back to my childhood days that was inching towards adulthood. I can correlate to my past mistakes. I was not confident enough to handle them at that point of life. My daughter is standing precisely in the same threshold that I was leaning on thirty years ago. It resembles the particular picture from the past. Maybe, I am pushing her to fulfil my vision. Am I taking the most dependable route for my assurance, subconsciously? Each scene depicts Indian parent and children's struggle throughout their life—an eye-opener for each one of us. Anurakta has shown maturity through her words against her age. Elegant and straightforward writing style. Congrats to the first time writer! But we would wait for your next one, eagerly.

By Suchi


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