We do not chose our co-travelers in life.

We are explorers in life's wheel,

All passengers are not alike.

They have distinct traits,

Making their souls happy or weary.

We meet new faces each day,

May not notice them in the future,

Each one is destined to travel,

In their own personal space.

A lot of passengers fuss often,

Others take a different path,

Some ride with us till the end,

A few alight quite fast.

Everyone's purpose is different,

But the final destination is one.

Who keeps track of the route?

You, me or above, there is somebody?

We get connected real fast,

With our co-passengers.

We chat to keep ourselves engaged,

To make the journey pleasant.

We become attached with a few riders,

Our aim is to keep calm around others,

We avoid not joining new groups,

And many riders remain quiet.

All are not familiar with the road,

Even the behavior is not equal.

No two persons can be similar,

Oh! We all know this by heart.

It's a bit complex to decipher,

The mystery of time.

We are affected harshly,

When a dear passenger says goodbye

For we have connected deeply.

The co-travelers act unusual,

They feel overwhelmed.

Not able to accept the hard reality,

They can not digest life's distress,

But leaving is the absolute truth.

Relief due to an irritating ally,

Disturbed mind for many,

Sadness for a few others,

Many retreats into their shells.

"Why": our all-time favored term,

We avoid the rude fact in life,

The journey becomes tiring,

When we doubt it till the end.

The co-travelers are our families.

They may be our friends or foes,

Who stands with us all the time.

Together throughout the journey,

We create some unique memories.

We make friends with total strangers,

Life becomes a beautiful experience.

Sometimes own family grows alien,

That leaves you baffled in mid-way.

The strange feeling that we receive,

When we part with our co-traveler.

Have you experienced that in life?

Feels like our soul has been stabbed by the knife.

We are well versed with the code,

In our life's restricted travel space.

When we have initiated a new trip,

It implies it has to end somewhere.

We tend to click lovely pictures,

That we can hold on to after the trip.

We should not fuss around the end,

Our minds should not cloud the brain.

Do not shed a tear for leaving a place,