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Author- Anumita Sharma
Book- Pratyasha
Genre- Fiction
Language- Hindi
Rating-  5/5

The book "Pratyasha" has a stunning cover. In addition, the title is the true reflection of the stories. Eleven short stories with diverse titles take the readers to an elevated level through their narrations. Each story may have limited words, yet they are endless to the reader's fantasy. The author takes everyone to various dreamlands through her lively portrayals of her characters and scenes.

Each story runs in a distinct direction from the other. Plus, the psychology of the human mind is shown in both a reflective mood and an animated style. Each story is unpredictable, and the distinctive climax is the author's signature style. The characters linger in one's mind for a long time, leaving a void for more. The simple language attracts the readers and echoes the depth of the author's natural ingenuity.

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