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Book Review:One Arranged Murder

"One Arranged Murder": The lately published crime fiction exhibited an astounding component. I had completed the complete set of Chetan Bhagat's books a long time ago. At a later stage, the Bollywood industry made them famous. In the beginning, the pace of the book was a bit slow. The tone was the natural one. The display of characters was from everyday life. As the scenes progress farther, it will pull you into it. The sleep is going to elude from everyone's eyes. It is typical of the author to weave many layers into the primary theme. It is an impeccable blend of emotion, drama, mystery, and romance to the dish. How an individual relationship creates fondness or resentment within a household? Human psychology and disappointment are some highlighting features of the book. The storyline was extremely intriguing. What a captivating style to conclude the novel?

By Suchi


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